(Some Of) The 15 Worst Kits In History


The Las Vegas Lights released their kit for their inaugural 2018 USL season. The reaction has been...tepid, to say the least.

Yes, hide your heads in shame.

Yes, hide your heads in shame.

Yep, that's Freddy Adu in the middle.

Yep, that's Freddy Adu in the middle.

Some applaud the bold direction, saying that it fits with the Las Vegas aesthetic. Some say it's an awful design overall. Regardless of everything being said, having a black kit in the Vegas heat will do them no favors.

But do they make the cut in the Terribad Kit Hall of Fame? In no particular order, we present (some of) the 15 worst kits we could find:

15. Carlisle United - 1993

I think this is a Magic Eye picture. I see an unemployed kit designer!


14. Athletic Bilbao - 2004

Guy: What do you want?
Bilbao: You know when blood spills on paper?
Guy: Say no more, fam.


13. Huddersfield Town - 2017

When you transpose the waveforms printed on this shirt, it says "I'm bad at my job."


12. Colorado Caribous - 1978

Founded: 1978
Dissolved: 1978


11. Manchester United - 1992

The sponsorship is decidedly ironic here.


10. Mexico - 1994

This is the appropriate face to make when wearing such a thing: total shame.


9. Brighton & Hove Albion - 1991

Why was acid wash ever a thing?


8. Club Leon - 2018

It's a miracle they made room for their badge on here.


7. Cultural Leonesa - 2014

So bad, it's good. But it's still bad.


6. Hartlepool United - 1991

Needs more less of everything.


5. Australia - 1990

Australia 1990.jpg

If LaCroix made kits.


4. Arsenal - 1991

Noisy, but without saying much. The only saving grace is the old Adidas logo (if you can spot it).


3. Burnley - 1991

This marks the third bad kit on our list from 1991. Was everyone on holiday?


2. Barcelona - 1995

If you're ever feeling down about yourself, remember that even Barcelona makes bad decisions.


1. Chelsea - 1994

This kit has everything. Peach, concrete, stripes that only go halfway down, a crap beer sponsor, an unnecessarily large collar, and no order to it all whatsoever.


So, based on what we've seen, Las Vegas Lights have only to go up from here. The next time you moan about your club's kit design, rememeber...it could always be much much worse.


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