Episode 10 - Finally

Finally, a real genuine Six Point Weekend! The gang talks about the Ol' North State Derby victory, the great Courage result and their current guilty pleasures on Spotify.

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Episode 9 - Darian Jenkins

We have up-and-coming soccer sensation and NC Courage forward Darian Jenkins join Six Point Weekend to talk about her time at UCLA, her thoughts on women's soccer in the U.S. and if she's got anything embarrassing on her Spotify playlist. Then we talk some NCFC.

Darian Jenkins interview: 00:00 to 24:51
NCFC + more: 24:52 to end

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Episode 8 - Titanic Music

Everyone's back again to chat Dead Whales getting done by diving in Richmond, the Courage delivering in desperation, Google finally wises up, and we answer more of your #Ask6PW questions including...is barbecue is a noun or a verb?

North Carolina FC talk: 00:00 to 34:40
NC Courage + more: 34:41 to end

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Episode 7 - Just Fall

Eboni, Dave, Jonathan, and Chuck are back with special guest Matt Myers from River City Red Army to discuss North Carolina's upcoming match-up with the Richmond Kickers. Then the gang talks favorite moments from NCFC past, the Courage NWSL Championship rematch with the Thorns, the merits of diving, and they answer your #Ask6PW questions.

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Episode 6 - The Cook Out Cup

The entire #6PW crew is finally together! We chat about NCFC's home opener, how good Tampa really is, the Courage home opener vs. the Thorns this weekend, the USMNT senior youth squad coming to town, and we answer your #Ask6PW questions.

North Carolina FC talk: 00:00 to 32:44
NC Courage talk: 32:45 to 1:01:40
USMNT Talk: 1:01:41 to end

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Episode 4 - Physically Fit

Dave, Eboni and Chuck are back after a week off. They discuss the new Dead Whales, NCFC's pre-season, the USMNT coach's trip to the Triangle, and Darian Jenkins lighting it up already. The crew also break the news regarding the North Carolina FC and NC Courage kit release date...

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Episode 3 - Cautiously Optimistic

Eboni, Dave and Chuck sit down in the lovely (but sometimes echo-y) London Bridge Pub in Downtown Raleigh to chat NCFC's new Cameroonian signings, players currently on trial, and chemistry within the squad. Then they talk about the Courage pre-season, the Portland rematch, and they answer your #Ask6PW questions.

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Episode 2 - Dutch Food Truck Rodeo

It's Chuck, Eboni, KP, and Dave joining up to discuss the USMNT coming back to WMSP, the NCFC formation we'll go with, shirt designs, Courage players coming and going abroad, and just how terribad the Las Vegas Lights kits were. Also, OCS On Ice is back!

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Episode 1 - The Beginning

This is the inaugural episode of Six Point Weekend! Chuck, KP and Dave go over the old and new players for NCFC, the move to USL and the pre-season schedule. Then the guys talk about the Crystal Dunn trade, the NWSL draft and the ever-changing league landscape.

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Introducing "Six Point Weekend"

The Six Point Weekend is a weekly podcast devoted to covering NCFC, the Courage and other soccer stuff (if we have time). 30 minutes for the men, 30 minutes for the women. The name comes from us having two teams. They usually play on the weekend. A win gets you 3 points...so...you figure it out from there. We hope this isn't terrible.

If it is, it's Chuck's fault.

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